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Precise Cavity Double Glazed Hopper

Precise Cavity Double Glazed Hopper front. Precise Cavity Double Glazed Hopper back.

Our Complete Window System is one of the best systems available on the market today!

The Precise Basement Window has the easiest after pour installation on the market. It does not require a poured in place frame of any kind. This eliminates the possibility of the window frame being damaged during the flatwork pour and all of the costs that go along with it. It also prevents the possibility of the frame being put in backwards or upside down! The Precise Window System can be used with Plywood and Aluminum Forms.

Size Information for Double Glazed Hopper

Size Rough Opening
Light Surface
(W x H)
Light Surface
Vent Surface
(W x H)
Vent Surface
32X15 32 3/8" x 15 7/8" 26 1/8" x 9 5/8" 1.75 27 1/8" x 10 5/8" 2.00
32X19 32 3/8" x 19 7/8" 26 1/8" x 13 5/8" 2.47 27 1/8" x 14 5/8" 2.75
32x23 32 3/8" x 23 7/8" 26 1/8" x 17 5/8" 3.20 27 1/8" x 18 5/8" 3.51

Window Testing and Performance

The Precise Forms Cavity Window has been tested at a Grade HS-R25 with an air infiltration rating of ASTM E283 and a water resistance of ASTM E547. The Cavity Window has been tested in compliance with NFRC 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 criteria. The Precise Forms Double Glazed Cavity Slider Window performs to a .47 U factor as tested by NFRC. Low E glass and argon fill is available which has a U factor of .31 as tested by the NFRC.

Hinged Sash

Precise Cavity Double Glazed Hopper open.The hinged sash is constructed of rigid PVC hollow extrusion with a wall thickness ranging from .062” on the exterior walls to .050” on the interior walls. The sash is welded on all four corners to insure a rigid and accurate sash that matches perfectly with the frame construction. The grip latch assembly allows easy control for opening and closing the sash and provides years of trouble-free performance and further enhances security and thermal performance.

Main Frame

Precise Vinyl Hopper exterior view.The main frame is constructed of rigid PVC hollow extrusion with a wall thickness ranging from .080” on the sash contact wall, .060” on the exterior walls, and .050” on the interior walls. It provides an excellent thermal barrier against all types of climate conditions. Our high tech, four head welding line provides an all welded construction. This allows accurate product sizing, quality, and it guarantees a leak proof corner. Our unique heavyduty dual wall exterior flange provides an aesthetically appealing exterior installed appearance.


An insulated glass package designed with a 3/4” overall thickness, utilizing the INTERCEPT spacer system, provides the ultimate in “Warm Edge” spacer technology. The glass assembly is built in our own high-tech window manufacturing facility on the INTERCEPT Roll Forming System from GED. We are pleased to provide our customers with the highest quality glazing on the market today. The main frame and sliding sash are glazed with a continuous bead of high quality silicone adhesive, which is applied by robots for accuracy and consistency.

Weather Stripping

To provide a thermal barrier against all climate conditions, the hinged sash is equipped with strips of fin seal weather stripping.