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Precast Forms - Rapid Setting and Stripping

Precast forms set and ready to pourExperience the rapid form setting and stripping the Precise Forms Precast Aluminum Forming System provides for today's aggressive and competitive Precaster. The Precise Forms Precast 36" modulation reduces the number of forms handled typically by 1/3 over the traditional 24" wide forming system. This equates to reduced labor and less crew fatigue. Each time a 36" wide Precast Form is handled your picking up 50% more square footage of forming for approximately the same weight as a 24" wide steel or steel and plywood system.

Versatility and Durability with Precast Forms

Precast formsPrecast product versatility is practically unlimited due to the wide range of filler widths and heights. Custom Precast Forms and specialty equipment are a common product provided by Precise Forms. If common and specialty precast castings are your everyday products, Precise Forms can meet your forming needs.

Precast HeadwallsUnlike wood forms there is no need to resurface the Precise Precast Form as the durable and resilient face sheet will stand the test of time. With reasonable care and maintenance you should well exceed 2000 pours.

For additional photos of precast projects using multiple Precise Precasting Systems on the same project please visit us on Facebook Albums Precast Forms.

For additional information on precast forms please visit us at Precise Precast Forms.

Quotation markPrecise Precast Forming Equipment has saved production time due to the speed of setting and versatility of the equipment. Our form maintenance and cleaning time is cut in half compared to previous equipment. We achieve an excellent surface appearance on finished products.

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