Pallet and Headers for Accurate Joint Connections

Reduce Your Labor

Pallet & Header. Pallet & Header.

Reduce your labor for pallet and header installations while increasing the accuracy. With the Precise Forms pallet and header, a clear 7/16" annular space is designed to conform to most engineering criteria. The Precise Forms pallet and header's are manufactured with increased wall thickness on the extrusions to extend life and durability for fast and accurate joint construction.

Pallet & Header. Pallet & Header. Pallet & Header.

The Precast Riser Form increases the versitility of the
Precast Pallet and Header Aluminum Forms

Precast Riser Form with 4x4 lumber in place. The Precise Precast Riser Form is designed to work in conjuction with the Precise Precast Pallet and Header System. It will greatly reduce the cost of labor and lumber while constructing Pallet Stools for various riser heights. For more information visit Precise Precast Riser Form.

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Quotation markCarolina Precast is proud of our reputation built on quality and meeting production requirements. Our Precise Aluminum Forms have well exceeded our expectations, particularly in the area of casting quality. Transitioning to this system was accomplished with ease and we are extremely pleased with the simplicity of the forms and the ability to pour complex castings.

Bob Hill, Owner

Carolina Precast

Precast Pallet and Header Aluminum Forms

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