Haunch Corners

Deck system to monolithically cast a haunch corner. Precast Concrete Box with Haunch CornersHaunch Corner FormsBox Culverts using the Precise Forms Haunch Inside Corner

Haunch corner castings in place.Cast Box Culverts with ease utilizing the Precise Forms Haunch Inside corners. Haunch corners are a standard for Precise Forms and can be manufactured to any specific size and design. Precise Forms can also produce Haunch corners for monolithic castings if required.

Haunch corner bridge design. Haunch corner bridge design.

Quotation markWe appreciate the in-plant training you provided. The transition to your system was accomplished very quickly and our employees have developed a real appreciation for the ease of use the system provides. The system has also helped to enhance their pride in the products they produce.

Jim Barbour, President

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