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Custom Precast Concrete Castings

Custom precast concrete casting. Custom precast casting. Custom precast casting.

Custom precast casting.Precise Forms can create custom forms to meet almost any precasting or concrete construction need. Special angles, block outs, extremely large castings, or curved shapes are all possible.

Hanson Custom Project

Hanson precast chain wall being formed. Hanson precast chain wall being delivered. Hanson precast chain wall in use.

Hanson precast chain wall in use.These castings were produced by Hanson Precast in Houston, Texas. They are called chain walls and support buildings that are being constructed in flood areas, swampy areas or areas that have bad soil conditions. The ability to cast these structures at Hanson's facility rather than on site has saved time and allowed them to create a superior product.

Hole Formers

Precast Head Wall with Formed HoleSimple to Install & Remove

Precise Forms offers a full line of one piece round or elliptical Hole Formers that are simple to install and remove. Very few hammer strikes will be required to remove the Hole Former from the casting. This is a tremendous advantage leading to extended life and service.

Precast Box with Formed Holes

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