Aluminum Forms Leasing

Financing Solutions

Precise Forms can connect you to financing partners that can provide your business with low monthly payment options and flexible solutions to acquire the products you need.

Why Lease?

Today, eight out of ten American businesses use leasing to acquire assets. Here’s why:

  • Capital conservation
  • Credit line preservation
  • 100% financing
  • Budgeting advantages
  • Pay-as-you-go, not upfront
  • Access to the latest technology

How Does Leasing Compare to Other Methods of Asset Acquisition?

  Lease Cash Bank Loan
Initial out of
pocket cost
First and last months payment 100% of cost Down payment,
usually 15 - 25%
Length of term Longer terms available,
up to 84 months
Paid in lump sum upfront Usually 24 to 60 months,
rarely longer
Impact to
credit line
None. Credit lines preserved Balance sheet impact Decreases credit limit
with bank
Payments Fixed payment,
possible tax benefits
Balance sheet impact Floating or variable rate -
could go up or down