Multistory Housing

Apartment Buildings and Condominiums

Multistory condominiums poured with aluminum concrete forms. Multistory condominium under construction.

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The Precise aluminum forms are perfect for the construction of concrete multistory housing complexes such as apartment buildings and condominiums. The modular system allows for an entire floor to be poured at one time. For larger projects, the floor can be divided up into mirrored sections which lowers the initial form purchase cost while still providing high speed construction.

Multistory apartment under final construction. Multistory condominium under construction.

Door openings, window openings, electrical conduit, and plumbing pipes can all be set into place before the pour. This process is proven to be very effective in rapid construction situations all over the world. A wide range of architectural features can be included such as columns, beams, arches, pillars and decorative accents.

Overview of apartment complex under construction. Multistory housing being poured one level at a time.

Aluminum Forms to create multi-story homes and apartments.