Multifamily Housing

Quickly Create Subdivisions

Aluminum forms set to pour a multifamily concrete home. Multifamily concrete house with forms removed. Completed concrete multifamily home.

Multifamily concrete subdivision.Quickly create subdivisions of high quality, decorative homes. With the proper crew and scheduling we have had customers go from excavation to a finished home in as little as 16 days. This will vary depending on the complexity of the floor plan and the speed of the labor.

Add diversity to your subdivision by creating a modular design. Precise Forms allows the contractor to use a single set of forms to create a wide range of concrete homes. Gone are the days of cookie cutter subdivisions. Precise Forms provides contractors the ability to let their customers choose custom designs without additional forming cost. Get ahead of your competition by going custom.

Concrete Rental Properties

Completed subdivision of multifamily concrete homes. Unfinished concrete duplex.

Electrical box after the pour. Construction of multifamily units is a fast growing market. With tighter restrictions on mortgage loans many families are turning to rental properties such as duplexes or town homes. Concrete multifamily housing is perfect for this environment.

When the electrical and plumbing are poured in place with the concrete, very little additional finishing is required. This lowers repair costs when tenants move out and increases profits for the property owner.

Quotation markThe majority of the people that view the properties can't believe they are made of concrete until they tap on the walls. My tenants are always amazed at how quiet the duplexes are, being unable to hear the people on the other side of the wall. They are shocked at how low their energy bills are.

General Manager

Homestead Creek Properties, LLC.

Use Modular Forming to Create Customized Subdivisions