Concrete Basements and Basement Forms

Concrete basement.The Precise Aluminum Forming System is extremely versatile. A standard set of basement forms can do a wide variety of basement layouts including curved or tall walls. Custom basement forms can be manufactured for most special forming situations.

Concrete basement with aluminum forms.

Extreme Durability

Early sets of Precise Basement Forms have easily surpassed 2,000 pours…some as many as 3,000 pours! These sets are still going strong and have a surprisingly high resale value.

Complex concrete basement poured with basement forms. Complex concrete basement with basement forms removed. Concrete basement with multiple angles.

Today, our basement forms are built even stronger due to advancements in form design, welding technology, and stronger aluminum components. With the demands placed on today's basement forming systems, the Precise Aluminum Forming System provides durability and form life that is unsurpassed.