Smooth Aluminum Concrete Forms

Smooth aluminum forms with the set & Lok system. Precise Forms provides a complete line of standard and decorative aluminum formwork as well as supporting accessories and wall ties.

Custom concrete aluminum forms are available for almost any situation with the submittal of drawings. Precise aluminum forming systems work with stacked form situations, gang forming, precast applications, curved walls, and much more!

Aluminum concrete forms in a stacked concrete wall. Smooth aluminum concrete forms with turnbuckles and waler boards. Smooth aluminum concrete forms used to pour a concrete basement.

Consistent Quality Results

Aluminum concrete forms being set for a concrete home in Florida.With Precise Forms products, the quality of pours remain consistent over time. Precise aluminum concrete forms provide consistent, high-quality results unlike plywood forms that disintegrate from daily use and require refacing.

Precise Concrete Forms eliminate the annoying and expensive headache of refacing. The aluminum forms will last well over 2,500 pours with proper care and maintenance.

Precise was the first company to introduce the 0.125" thick aluminum face sheet which has become the market standard. Our specially designed aluminum side rail provides greater strength and durability while protecting and supporting the aluminum facesheet.

Concrete Form Benefits

These are a few of the many benefits aluminum concrete forms have to offer:

  • Greater strength and durability through specially designed side rails.
  • Significant Quality - For example over 600 inches of high quality robotic welding on a 36" x 96" concrete form.
  • Increased versatility with a full line of fillers, attachments, corners, specialty concrete forming, wall ties and concrete forming accessories.
  • Aluminum 1/4" thick corner gussets are used to strengthen the corners of the concrete forms as well as to minimize concrete build-up.
  • Easy accommodation for tall walls, since our concrete forms are easily stackable.
  • Our concrete forms are cost efficient. With reasonable care, cleaning, and maintenance, 2,500 pours or more are not unusual.
  • The end rail on the smooth aluminum concrete form allows the face sheet to be inset. Inset end rails add strength to the form and additional face sheet support without unsightly lines to the vertical form joints.
  • Precise uses a serrated 4" channel bracing on all of our 6-12 hole pattern aluminum forms. This provides a better gripping and climbing surface on the wider cross members.
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, precast concrete, and many other concrete applications.
  • Heat treated ring bushings prevent elongation and are fully zinc coated to minimize rusting.

Outside Corner Attachment Smooth Aluminum Form

Outside Corner Attachment Smooth Aluminum Form Outside corner attachments are used with two fillers to make up almost any outside corner requirements. Smooth aluminum attachments are available in 2” and 4” nominal or full sizes.

Hinged Corner Smooth Aluminum Form

Hinged Corner Smooth AluminumHinged corners can be used either as an inside or outside corner for concrete construction other than 90 degree corners. It can be used with either nominal or full ties. Offered in smooth and decorative brick designs.

Inside Corner Smooth Aluminum Form

Inside Corner Smooth AluminumPrecise inside corners are extruded for greater strength and are available in a wide variety of sizes and patterns.