Precise Ledger System

Monolithic Concrete Construction

Form deck being set into place.Pitched roofs and flat decks are easily created when Precise Forming Systems are used in conjunction with the Precise Ledger System. The Precise Ledger System enables the contractor to form and cast the walls, beams, columns, and deck monolithically. The Precise Ledger System has been utilized very effectively both nationally and internationally, as well as in the earth sheltered and underground home industry.

Finished deck and parapet.The Precise Ledger System can be adapted to work with any of our flat tie or taper tie systems. For multistory structures, pitched deck adaptors allow the flat deck forms used in lower levels to be utilized in a pitched deck application.

Pitched Ledger System

Pitched Inside Ledger.The Pitched Ledger System allows you to use standard forms and supports to create a sloped or pitched roof. When pouring the top level of a building a pitched roof is easy to create.

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Electrical and Plumbing in Monolithically Poured Buildings

Monolithically poured concrete house with pluming in place. Monolithically poured concrete home with pluming in place. Setting aluminum forms with plumbing tied into place.

Monolithically poured concrete house with electrical in place. When a building is poured monolithically, both the plumbing and the electrical can be placed before the forms are set. This eliminates the need to frame the inside of the building to install plumbing and electrical.