Precise Fence Forms

Painted Fence 01 Painted Fence 02

Fence Forms

The Precise Forms Fence Forming System is the ultimate solution to creating cast in place concrete fences.

Fence RebarA full footing is not required for some applications with the Precise Fence Forms. Simply pour footings where the columns are located and tie the rebar into place.

Fence Gang FormsEntire one piece sections can be placed in a fraction of the time as compared to conventional hand set systems.

Consider these advantages and capabilities:

  • Greatly reduced labor cost.
  • A crew of four can strip, set and pour 120 lineal feet in five hours.
  • The Precise Fence Form allows you to place and strip large individual sections of fence forms at one time.
  • In most instances the only footing required is at each column.
  • Decorative column caps can be cast and placed on site.
  • Once the fence has cured simply paint or apply the desired texture.

Unpainted Fence. Unpainted Fence. Painted Fence.

Creating The Fence Cap

The optional fence cap is poured separate from the fence. This allows customization for each project with minimal cost. Once the cap has set it is lifted, rotated, and placed on the fence. The final appearance is that of a solid fence created in a single pour.

Pouring the Fence Cap Placing the Fence Cap Fence Cap in Place

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