Eliminator Forming System

Homes Poured with the Eliminator Homes Poured with the Eliminator

Homes Poured with the EliminatorThe Eliminator Forming System works in conjunction with the Dominator Forming System allowing the contractor to cast next to an existing building with only 2 3/4" of clearance. This allows the contractor to build more structures in a limited space or used as an alternative to cast one sided formed walls.

Connection System

Eliminator Top View Eliminator Top View The Eliminator Forming System incorporates a specially designed connection section, or "W", that forces the forms together and locks them into place without requiring access to the exterior of the wall. All of the work is done from the inside of the wall in both setting and stripping. This allows the forms to be used in low clearance situations as well as minimum space between buildings. It may also be placed on the end of a ganged form situation allowing the ganged section to be released from the interior of the building.

Taper Tie

Taper Tie System.The Eliminator utilizes a Taper Tie System to provide greater form support creating flat, straight walls for concrete homes, commercial projects, retaining walls, precast, or any number of various project designs. The Taper Tie requires fewer ties per joint and is reusable thus reducing long term wall tie costs.

Taper Tie Plug

Taper tie plug mold Taper tie plug mold with concrete plug. The holes that remain from the Taper Ties are sealed using tapered plugs. The plugs can be molded with excess concrete on site creating minimal color variation in the wall or they can be created in advance to save time. The tapered plug is coated with a water proof adhesive and placed in the holes of the wall to create a water tight seal.

Eliminator Connection System