Dominator Forming System

The Dominator Forming System

The Dominator Forming SystemThe Dominator Forming System provides an alternative to typical flat tie forming systems. The Dominator Forming System utilizes a taper tie system which will minimize visible form joints thus making an extremely smooth surface. With this form being 25% thicker than a standard flat tie form the form deflection and pillow casing is reduced, providing a smoother, flatter finished wall surface.

Create Flatter Walls

Standard Siderail VS. Dominator The life of this form will out perform its nearest competitor. The Dominator receives very few hits with a hammer because the form locking device is separate from the form itself. The locking device is located at the back of the side rail. The load point of the tie system has been moved as far from the load as possible; 2 1/2” on the dominator as compared to a standard flat tie form of 13/16”. This creates less deflection, metal stress, and flatter walls. The Dominator's design creates tighter joints preventing concrete from leaking between the forms which keeps the forms cleaner and reduces labor time.

Dominator VS. Plywood

Cast in place concrete homesWhen comparing the Dominator system to 24" wide plywood systems, you will find the performance of the Dominator to be superior on many levels. The accessory requirements are a minimum of 33% less than most plywood systems and the down time for refacing is a thing of the past. The aluminum form provides value when the form is to be sold or traded. With a simple maintenance program the Dominator will provide many years of quality service with a reduced cost per pour.

Ganged or Hand Set

The Dominator Forming System can be ganged or handset, like many other forming systems. The advantage is that the Dominator can be ganged without any additional hardware, therefore it is the best of both worlds in a single form. This form is 2 1/2" thick rather than a standard aluminum form at 2 1/8" thick, adding to the overall strength of the form. The load point is 2 1/2" from the face rather than the typical 13/16" on the standard flat tie system.

Dominator Safety Scaffolding System

Dominator Safety Scaffolding System Dominator Safety Scaffolding System The Dominator Scaffolding System is supported by bolts passing through the concrete wall in holes that were created by taper ties. This creates a support that is more secure and stable than scaffolding that attaches to flat ties or the forming system.

Taper Tie

Dominator taper tie system.The Dominator utilizes a Taper Tie System to provide greater form support creating flat, straight walls for concrete homes, commercial projects, retaining walls, precast, or any number of various project designs. The Taper Tie requires fewer ties per joint and is reusable thus reducing long term wall tie costs.

Taper Tie Plug

Dominator taper tie plug mold. Dominator taper tie plug mold with plug. The holes that remain from the Taper Ties are sealed using tapered plugs. The plugs can be molded with excess concrete on site creating minimal color variation in the wall or they can be created in advance to save time. The tapered plug is coated with a water proof adhesive and placed in the holes of the wall to create a water tight seal.

Dominator and Eliminator Being Gang Set and Hand Set