Decorative Concrete Formwork

Textured Brick Form Precise Decorative Forms set with speed and efficiency comparable to smooth aluminum forms and are interchangeable with all of our forming systems.

Precise Brick is easily finished in many attractive variations to recreate the appearance of natural brick.

Textured and Smooth Brick Formwork

Textured Brick Form Textured Brick Forms Smooth Brick Form

Precise Brick Forms give a decorative alternative to smooth walls and are available in a variety of styles. Characteristics of our aluminum brick forms include:

  • Lightweight, a 36"x96" is approximately 75 lbs.
  • Corner gussets for support.
  • Full line of fillers.
  • Optional attached hardware is available.
  • Specially designed siderails.
  • Decorative inside corners.
  • Deep mortars provide extra detailing for a natural appearance.
  • Precise Forms textured brick side rails are notched so that every row of brick is fully supported.
  • Easily painted to create a variety of patterns.

V-Tex Brick Formwork

V-Tex wall Precise V-Tex Brick Forms offer a classy way to dress up any concrete wall. The vertical joints are hidden within the morters. The texture creates a fantastic looking wall while allowing for easy stripping.

Textured Brick Side Rails

Textured brick concrete form side rail.Precise Forms textured brick side rails are fluted so that every row of brick is fully supported. This support prevents the edges of the face sheet from flattening through usage which in turn could result in form gain.

Inside Corner Extrusion

Inside Corner ExtrusionPrecise Forms unique inside corner extrusion allows continuous welding of the face sheet. This eliminates costly and unsightly corner damage.

Hinged Corner Brick

Hinged Corner BrickHinged corners can be used either as an inside or outside corner for construction other than 90 degree corners. It can be used with either nominal or full ties. Offered in smooth and decorative brick designs.

Outside Corner Attachment Brick

Outside Corner Attachment BrickPrecise Forms produces an outside corner attachment which eliminates the need for special corner fillers. This will maintain a consistent brick pattern throughout your entire wall.

Create Realistic Looking Brick

Brick wall before painting. Brick wall after painting.

Create realistic looking brick in a fraction of the time as laying brick. Make sure to clean and prime the concrete surface to prepare it for painting. Spray the entire wall with the mortar color. Using a dry roller, paint on the brick color. A secondary color can be added afterward to create the multi-tone look of traditional brick.