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Cavity Double Glazed Vinyl
Basement Slider Window

Precise Cavity Double Glazed Vinyl Slider front. Precise Cavity Double Glazed Vinyl Slider back.

When You Go Precise You Go Factory Direct!

Continuing the tradition of being first in the industry, Precise Forms is proud to be the first aluminum form manufacturer to own and operate their own state-of-the-art vinyl basement window production facility. Experienced craftsmen using highly technical automated equipment along with the highest quality materials allow us to achieve extremely high efficiencies - which ultimately saves you money and provides you with the best quality products possible.

  • Size Information
  • Testing & Performance
  • Vinyl Sliding Basement Window Sash
  • Vinyl Sliding Basement Window Main Frame
  • Vinyl Sliding Basement Window Sill Riser
  • Vinyl Sliding Basement Window Fixed Meeting Rail
  • Vinyl Sliding Basement Window Glazing
  • Optional Grid System (Muntin)
  • Weather Stripping
  • Window Brochure