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Tornado, Hurricane, and Severe Weather "Proof" Homes

Tornado and Hurricane Resistant Homes

While there are no true tornado or hurricane "proof" homes, many things can be done to create a tornado or hurricane resistant home. Tests have shown that concrete is one of the best materials available when building tornado and hurricane resistant homes in areas with severe weather and high wind situations such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Concrete home after a tornado. Concrete home after a tornado. Concrete homes after a tornado.

Traditional wood home after a tornado.The above photos were taken in Florida after a tornado. As you can tell the concrete homes are still standing with only minor damage. The image to the right is a traditional wood frame home in the same subdivision.

The roof design on the concrete homes were constructed using lumber with hurricane straps and survived with little damage. Another option would be to pour a solid concrete roof. With the Precise Ledger System it is easy to create a flat or pitched concrete roof adding additional safety and duribility.

These tornado and hurricane resistant concrete homes were built using Helix™ Micro Rebar. This allowed the homes to be produced faster and at a lower cost while exceeding the building codes required for the area. Helix™ replaces almost all rebar in a structure while providing greater strength and durability.

Helix™ Micro Rebar
Test of High Speed Projectiles.


Standard windows can easily shatter in a tornado or hurricane causing glass shards to become deadly projectiles. Tempered glass will provide additional protection by staying in large pieces even if broken. It's the glass used in vehicle windshields for this specific reason.

Metal or wood shutters (hurricane shutters) offer additional protection for your windows and your home. You will, however, have to shut them in a timely manner should a storm approach.

Insulating the Home

The EASI-WALL System, the ICF alternative, provides an extra layer of protection when creating a tornado or hurricane resistant home. Not only does it help regulate the temperature of your home, it helps absorb most of the impact of high speed projectiles. This reduces the potential damage to the interior of the home. View the video below for a demonstration.

EASI-WALL System, the ICF Alternative,
Test of High Speed Projectiles.