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Rapid Construction of Concrete Housing

Building Green Concrete Homes

Finished concrete home.With today’s emphasis on Green Building, Precise Form's building techniques are the answer for meeting current and future energy requirements. Fuel savings are created though the huge retention of energy stored in the thermal mass of the concrete. You can also expect reductions of air infiltration and external noise. Used in conjunction with our EASI-WALL System, the ICF alternative, the Precise Forms System will allow the finest in a Green Building approach using recycled and natural products.

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  • Versitility and Durability
  • Monolithic Construction Options
  • Fast and Affordable Construction
  • Interior Design

Bob Vila Project: Storm Ready Your Home- Reinforced Concrete House- Hurricane Proof Home Episode 3202

View the setting, pouring, and stripping of a concrete home in Punta Gorda, Florida using a Smooth Aluminum Forming System and Window Bucks.

Creating a Concrete House with Precise Aluminum Forms