Monolithic Poured Concrete Construction

Pour an Entire Level in a Single Pour

Pouring a flat deck with aluminum concrete forms. Concrete home poured monolithically with aluminum forms.

With the Precise Forms Ledger System you can easily set and pour the walls, beams, columns, and deck of an entire level in a single pour. The electrical and plumbing can be attached to the forms and rebar before the pour reducing the time required to finish the building.

Samples of Monolithically Poured Homes

Almost any style of home can be created monolithically. Concrete homes can be finished to look like a standard wood frame home or simply powerwashed, properly sealed and painted.

Monolithically poured concrete house with aluminum forms. Monolithically poured concrete home with aluminum forms. Monolithically poured concrete home with concrete forms.

Pitched Deck System

Use pitched ledger forms to create a sloped roof.A pitched roof is easy to create when pouring the top level of a building. The Pitched Ledger System allows you to use standard forms and supports to create a sloped or pitched roof.

Electrical and Plumbing in Monolithically Poured Homes

When a home is poured monolithically, both the plumbing and the electrical can be placed in the interior and exterior walls before the forms are set. With the addition of the EASI-WALL System, the ICF alternative, interior insulation is not required. These factors contribute to saving time, materials, and money.

Monolithically poured concrete house with pluming in place. Monolithically poured concrete home with pluming in place. Setting aluminum forms with plumbing tied into place.

Multifamily Housing using
Dominator and Eliminator Forming Systems