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Precise Forms has been manufacturing aluminum concrete forms since 1967. As a leader in the concrete form manufacturing industry, Precise has set the highest quality standards for our concrete form production. In the early years Precise produced concrete forms primarily for footings and basements. Since then, Precise has expanded to meet market demands such as precast concrete, concrete homes, commercial, international development, as well as any other concrete form design that has been required.

Cast in Place Vinyl Basement Window

Precise Cast in Place Vinyl Basement Window after pour. The Precise Cast in Place Window is cast in place as one complete unit, sash and all. It does not require a pouring buck of any kind. The polystyrene and OSB Board prevent the window sash and frame from being damaged during the flatwork pour and during construction.

Precise Forms 2015 Catalog Now Available

Concrete Forming Systems and Accessories CatalogPrecise Forms is proud to introduce the Concrete Forming Systems and Accessories Catalog for 2015. It features a wide variety of products to help the modern contractor produce quality castings with reduced labor time.

Please contact our Sales Department to hear about our NEW or improved products! You can view the catalog on our Brochures page or click here.

Used Concrete Forms for Sale

Used Concrete FormsPrecise Forms has multiple sets of used concrete forms available for purchase. Please visit our listing often as the available sets of concrete forms will change often.

Precise is looking to purchase a set of used 108" concrete forms with an 8" OC hole pattern. Please contact our Sales Department for additional information.